Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have You Tried Deal Pop?

Hey Los Angeles readers - this one's for you so pay attention if you like local sports bars:

Have you tried Deal Pop? It's one of those deal sites where you can get major discounts on food, spa services, and the like. They contacted me today to help them highlight the latest deal for the L.A. area.

The deal is for a new sports bar called The Varsity and if you go to the Deal Pop link and you can get $20 worth of food and drink for $10. Also, if you enter the code VARSITY20 then you'll get the deal for only $8. Yes, I bought one and am looking forward to checking this place out, especially since they have a dog-friendly patio!

*This is a sponsored post


Lindsay said...

Dog friendly patio? I'm so jealous!

Apryl DeLancey said...

We have quite a few dog-friendly places out here. It's pretty awesome. Gus comes out to dinner with us every Friday night!