Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book Review: Derek Jeter: From The Pages Of The New York Times

Okay, let me just start this out by saying that I am the FARTHEST thing from a Derek Jeter fan. I'm even farther away from that from being a Yankees fan. This girl is a Los Angeles native that has been a Dodgers fan from the day she discovered baseball. Yes, that means I am accustomed to being in somewhat of an abusive relationship. At least my hometown has a team. I got that going for me.

At any rate, this is post is not about me, it's about the beautiful hardcover book I was sent to review. I was told:

Drawing on over 5,000 New York Times news articles and features, dozens of classic photos and the masterful design of publisher Harry N. Abrams, DEREK JETER: From the Pages of the New York Times is a fitting and attractive chronicle to one of the great players in major league history.

This book is really quite attractive and awesome for Jeter and Yankees fans. I would go so far as to call it a "must have" for that group. Even everyday baseball fans will also enjoy this narrative that chronicles his career from high school days through the 2010 season.

You can flip to nearly any page and get an interesting tidbit about this future Hall of Fame shortstop. For example, one interview piece quotes Jeter as claiming to want to play shortstop since his dad did in college. You know, because when you're young you always want to be like your dad.

This book is a great compilation of Jeter's accomplishments to date with an abundance of full-color pics and quick factoids to keep even the shortest attention spans interested.

You can get your copy here. Check it out!

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