Monday, December 27, 2010

Go! Go! Sports Girls! Review

When Jodi from the Dream Big Toy Company contacted me and asked me to review one of the Go! Go! Sports Girls! I was definitely intrigued by the idea. The information I had at first was:

The dolls are designed to be a fun and educational way to promote self-appreciation and the benefits of daily exercise, healthy eating and sleeping habits, self-esteem and overall healthy life-skills for girls ages 3-12. The dolls are age appropriate and do not encourage an older or overly mature image. Since the launch of the dolls, a little over a year ago, they have received numerous awards and articles in Parenting and Shape Magazines, as well a feature on the TODAY Show.

A few days after corresponding with Jodi I received Brooke, the golfer, in the mail to check out for myself. She was just as cool as I had hoped. A good size and soft material (good for snuggling with), Brooke also has a little backpack with a golf club, ball, and towel. She even has her own story on the Go! Go! Sports Girls! web page:

Brooke loves to drive it off the tee! Before playing, she always puts on sunscreen and stretches. During the round she drinks plenty of water and has a healthy snack, like an apple. When she’s not on the golf course, Brooke enjoys volunteering at the local animal shelter and hiking.

Brooke likes to Dream Big and Go For It!

In addition to Brooke the golfer, there are girls that dance, do gymnastics, play soccer, play basketball, swim, go running, and play softball. Each girl has their own story and carry a positive message for girls. The idea is to encourage a healthy mental and physical lifestyle.

I would have absolutely loved to have a doll like this as a girl instead of simply the fashion or domestically oriented offerings in my youth. I wasn't much on dolls really but this would have more suited to my taste. Although I was encouraged to be athletic by my parents, the reinforcement of a product like this would have been quite welcome.

After I checked Brooke out and took a few pics of her I really put her to the test: I gave her to my 7-year-old niece. Her parents, especially her father, play golf so she's familiar with the game and quite athletic (she's the one I was teaching how to surf over the summer). Brooke definitely passed the "test". She really liked her and her mother was especially impressed. By especially impressed I mean she kept raving about the doll.

I really like the idea of these dolls and hope they find their way into more girls' care. I'm especially a fan of their "Dream Big and Go For It!" mantra. For more information, including tips for parents, click here.


Lindsay said...

What a unique idea! I think these could be a big hit! I never played with dolls when I was little, but these are definitely better than the "Barbie" type dolls.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I know, I hope they really take off also!

Niamh Griffin said...

What a great idea! I've posted a few times about how stereotypical dolls are, so this is a great new idea. Must see if they ship to Ireland:)
Happy New Year!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks and Happy New Year to you also!