Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Blog Is Boring Lately

Yesterday I took the day off and played nine holes with my little brother. I actually haven't seen him in a couple of years since he's moved out of SoCal. It was a blast. We're both lefties and it was quite a sight that gained the attention of the other golfers for sure. I guess you don't necessarily see two lefties playing together very often. We got the incredibly clever comment from one fella telling us we were playing on the wrong side of the ball. How original.

At any rate, little brother did really well. Well, both of us were stinking up the place overall but he's only recently taken up the game, had 3 lessons, and played 2 previous rounds. Neither of us were driving very well so we decided to drive a par 3 that was 184 yards. He had the most epic shot of the day and landed it right next to the pin. Seriously. He took pictures of it and it is now the background on his cell phone. On the next hole I decided that I had enough of crummy drives and really got a hold of it and got a bona fide 225 yard drive. Oh yeah, that made my day! We had a blast.

While we were hanging out he mentioned to me something I already know. My blog has been really boring lately. Yes, it has. I appreciate all of you readers sticking by me whilst I am out trying to get it together. It shall be boring no more from here on out. No more whining about being busy or needing to get things together.

Thanks for hanging in there!

P.S. No, I won't tell you the final scores. We really just stunk and had fun hanging out.


And One said...

Apryl, you are never boring. And your honesty leaves me breathless. Don't ever stop. The posts you call "boring" are full of life. --C

Apryl DeLancey said...

Aww, are too kind. Thank you for brightening my day!

Mike said...

As for stinky golf scores... that's why they sell deodorant. Just have fun!

Apryl DeLancey said...

...and have fun we did! Thanks Mike!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm an inspiration to my sister. Look at all the 'me' references in there. Golfing (which I did awesome at hole 7. Yay hole 7!)

And then I'm mentioned in the whiny little brother way of how boring my sister has become.

My favorite words from my sister lately have been "lemme get my act together."

Apryl DeLancey said...

Now I did not call you whiny!

I'll get my act together eventually.