Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fun Fitness Items for 2013

Check out these awesome accessories to enhance your workout.  You might even stick to those New Year's Resolutions!

HooRag - This is a fun bandana that you can wear a bunch of different ways (check out the video above).  One way they don't mention in the video is a ponytail holder (well, then again, the gentleman in the video doesn't really have the hair for it).  This seamless bandana great for runners, snowboarders, skiers, cyclists, and so much more.  They're even worn by construction workers and SWAT team members.  Pretty fun product, I've got mine holding up all of my hair in a bun right now as I write this.  Check them out here, they'll even do custom orders.

Magneat - Tired of your headphone wires getting in the way?  Try Magneat!  Magneat is the simple, stylish way to win the seemingly endless war against headphone cables that tangle and dangle. Just attach the magnetic clip to your clothes and then wrap the excess wire around it. It's the perfect accessory for iPods, iPhones and MP3 players.  Using the Magneat is easy, and it works with almost any set of buds. Slide the two magnetic halves apart, put one side under your shirt and the other side over the top, and move them until they connect. Wind the loose cable around the clip, and you're ready for a run at the gym or just running around town.  If you need to turn off the tunes and use your ears for something other than music, just pull out your earphones and let them hang free from the Magneat.  Check them out here.

QuikCallus - Have the urge to do so me pull-ups but don't have workout gloves?  Want to lift free weights but it ruins your hands?  Try QuikCallus.  QuikCallus works by bonding to water molecules on the skin, forming a protective coating that alleviates that pain associated with building up calluses.  Guitar players will also find this quite useful (and it even comes with a pick).  Hubby gave it a try when he went to the driving range and said it worked quite well.  Yes, he grips a bit too hard!  Check them out here

ScoreBand - Tell time, keep score, and make it easy?  Yep - it's possible with the ScoreBand!  ScoreBand was developed so that you can focus on your game.  The silicone band also emits negative ions.  Keep score for golf or tennis (or table tennis, hockey, foosball, etc.) with ease!  When the game is over just leave it in watch mode for everyday use.  It's light, comfortable, and comes in black or white.  Check them out here.

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