Monday, April 4, 2011

Product Review: B IS FOR BASEBALL: Alphabet Cards

I was sent a very cool little product to review recently that is a really cute way to teach the alphabet to one of your really cute little ones. I plan on passing them on to one of my cute little nieces/nephews. Here are the details:

As we look ahead to the 2011 Major League Baseball season, artist Doug Keith reminds us that at its root the National Pastime is and forever will be a game for the young and young at heart.

This May, Keith and publisher Simply Read Books will introduce the first in a series that will keep our young sports fans in the game and into learning their ABCs. “B is for Baseball: Alphabet Cards”, by Doug Keith (Simply Read Books, May 2011) is an entertaining and edifying look at the alphabet through the humorous illustrations that capture the spirit and action of the play in the diamond.

The game is here in every one in these 26 cards. From A to Z, young learners will find that “P” could be a pitcher beginning his wind-up; “L” could be an outfielder who catches the ball and the wall at the same time; “A” could be batter practicing his mighty swing; and “Y” could be an ump calling “Yer out!”

“B IS FOR BASEBALL: Alphabet Cards” are about as much fun as you can have off the field and there is no better way for our young fans to get ready for the tee ball, little league and the 2011 season.

The cards come in their own box and are a joy for all ages. I would recommend these for the young sports fan in your life or any child that is learning their alphabet. You can get yours here.

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