Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting Snaked

Yeah, it happens. I'll be out in the lineup and there will be a great set coming in. I'll be right there, rightfully going for it and it happens. Some guy will totally snake me and nearly take my head off or come close to inflicting some other injury to me or my board.

If it happens once I usually just let it go. There are plenty more waves and this is not the last time I'll be surfing. However, when it happens repeatedly in the same session and from the same darn person it really bums me out.

The forecast was for some really big sets today. I met up with a group of people that I like to surf with, all of which are incredibly cool. There were about six fellas and four ladies in the group. In addition, there were some other folks I knew just from surfing around the area.

The spot I went to is mostly always friendly. It's one of those more gentle point breaks that beginners and more advanced surfers can enjoy. There were supposed to be consistent 4-5 footers today with some 8 foot sets coming through. I was so looking forward to it.

I got my first ride and a shortboarder came behind me and did a nutty move and just barely missed my head. I complemented him on the move afterward, trying to set up a friendly atmosphere. That didn't work. For the rest of the session this guy decided that he would try to ruin every wave I caught. It wasn't just me though. This guy cut EVERYONE off and made sure that nobody could share a wave with him. Eventually, a couple of other guys cut him off to let him know he was being a jerk but it didn't stop him.

Comments like, "save some for the fish" and "sorry about your small d*ck" started flying around at Sir Snakesalot. I kept a positive vibe and had some nice rides in spite of his attitude. In fact, my last wave was really great since I managed a few cutbacks with someone right behind me. After that ride was over I thanked the guy that was sharing with me for not being an @$$. He was super cool and told me that he only dropped in behind to make sure that Sir Snakesalot couldn't come try to ruin my ride. Nice! There are others that surf with aloha!

Anyways, I hate whining about being run over but it happens. It happens to other ladies in the water as well.

If you see me out in the water just realize a few things: I will never intentionally try to run you over, snake you, or try to inflict harm in some other way. It's not worth hurting someone just so I can grab a wave. If you wipe out and it looks bad, I'll ask you if you're okay. If you need help, I'll totally help you out. If you want to sit by me and take turns with the sets, I'm totally good with that too.

I'm just incredibly stoked to be out in the water and I'll catch my rides regardless of the situation. I'm a firm believer of always surfing with aloha and that we are all connected by one ocean. There's enough stoke to go around.

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