Friday, May 29, 2009

Flint Star - The Motion Picture

Who doesn't love a good sports documentary? I sure can't turn one off. When I was contacted by Mr. Marcus G. Davenport about his film Flint Star "The Motion Picture" I was quite interested.

Mr. Davenport is a veteran public school educator turned independent filmmaker. Here is just part of his communication with me about his work:

This documentary film deals with the harsh reality of the inner city plight, while exploring the historic relationship that Flint, MI. has developed with basketball.

Flint Star was completely funded through my teacher's salary and credit cards. I feel that I have created one of the very best documentary films in the country. Our customers have been greatly satisfied with the quality and overall excitement of the film. The featured NBA, NCAA, high school, and youth athletes add to the depth of the film. Lastly, the (Uncut Street) DVD version of the film features a 50 minute DVD Bonus page containing basketball highlights, exclusive music, and interviews!

The latest FBI statistics ranks Flint, Michigan as the 3rd most dangerous place to live in the nation behind St. Louis and Detroit. However, our film represents the positive struggle for a better life and the escape from a life sentence of poverty, drugs, and murder. We will continue to provide hope and pride for future generations of artists, scholars, and entrepreneurs.

Davenport has also been featured as one of a group of the uprising that is film making in the unlikely area of Flint, MI. He isn't finished with just one documentary and explains to me that he has his sights on other sports:

This fall we are set to start shooting the NFL documentary film Life In The League. This film will feature some of the very best athletes in the league (NFL) from across the nation.

In addition, Flint Star has been discussed on ESPN and the Uncut Street Version features interviews with former and current NBA players such as Mateen Cleaves (2000 National Champion MSU), Eddie Robinson (Small Forward Chicago Bulls), Jeff Grayer (1984 Olympic Basketball Team and 10 year NBA veteran), Justus Thigpen Sr. (ABA & NBA veteran), and many more.

Indeed the young men in the documentary seem hopeful that if they stay on the court, they will have a bright future. In addition, there is some of the absolute sickest dunks, alley-oops, and 3-pointers that I've ever seen at any level. The film doesn't leave out the talented women and girls from the area either.

To learn more about Flint Star you can visit the websites for the film or for the production company Big Thangs. You can order your copy of Flint Star here.


Lindsay said...

I love sports movies in general, but especially sports documentaries or sports movies based on a true story. They are always inspirational.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I totally agree.