Saturday, November 24, 2012

Great Holiday Gift For Golfers (And Everyone Else) - Photo Ball Markers

Yep, it's that time of year again!  If you haven't checked out Photo Ball Marker yet then you need to!  In fact, if you click this link or the little ad on this page you get $5 off your order.

The picture above is one of the sets that they made for me a while back.  They've made me quite a few and I really LOVE them!  I've got some for friends too and they all enjoy them.

What's the deal?  You simply upload your photos to their site and choose if you want a hat clip, divot tool, etc. and wait a bit and then they come in the mail (they come pretty quick).  Super simple!  You get your ball marker with a picture of your choice and a great conversation piece.

Upload pics of your animals, kids, your school, etc.  It's really the perfect gift for any golfer - AND - now it's the perfect gift for anyone since they have necklaces, brooches, and key chains!  It's super cool because you can have 3 different pictures to interchange on whatever you get.

Besides being a cool gift, Ken & Char are super nice people.  They've been so good to me over the last few years.  When my sweet Gus passed away they sent me some PBMs of him.  They've sent me holiday PBMs also.  They're just cool peeps - the type you really want to support!  Buy some PBMs today!  Why not, you get $5 off with my coupon code!

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